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I learned about Cover 6 Outdoors through Facebook and signed up for a hog hunt at Longhorn River Ranch in Dripping Springs, TX. Upon arrival, I was greeted and welcomed into the group. I was the only female on the hunt, but not one time did I ever feel left out of the group. We enjoyed the afternoon fishing and talking and of course giving each other a hard time about each other’s branch of service, but all in good humor. That evening I paired up with John Green and we were able to take out 3 hogs. The next morning, I sat with Rodney Brown and although we didn't see hogs, we did see a ton of other wildlife. Both, John and Rodney were very professional and stand for a great organization that seeks to help out our Vets. I consider John, Rodney and the other fellow hunters that weekend good friends and brothers. Thank y'all so much for allowing me to participate!!

Crystal F.

U.S. Army 2001-2007

2 Deployments to Iraq

Purple Heart Recipient

I would like to Thank Cover 6 Outdoors for one awesome experience and hunt that they took me and another Veteran hunting on in South Texas at Vinegarone Ranch. Ranch owner, Mark Grogg, and his foreman Jason are two exceptional men. We spent two full days hunting whitetail, hogs, and exotics such as axis, sika deer and ram. The generosity of the landowner and Cover 6 Outdoors staff was outstanding, especially spending time with the Veterans of Cover 6 Outdoors. This is one weekend that will never be forgotten and continually missed. If you or anyone has questions about this Great Organization please feel free to contact me through Cover 6 and they can lead you in my direction. No shot Furrow Out!!

Ret. SGT B. Furrow

U.S. Army

Two combat tours in Iraq. 05 as a Cav Scout and 07-08 as an Infantry NCO

I have always been a fan of hunting but mostly have only used a camera for pictures on hunts. This was my first hunt and it helped provide food for the year. 

I am very humbled to have been able to go on my hunt and get two deer. One was a large doe and the other was a 10 point buck large enough to feed my family for a long while. I love being in the outdoors and this was an amazing experience from the hunting guide to the ranchers who provided a place to hunt and just a different setting without stress for me. I was also able to meet a Long Range Surveillance veteran from Vietnam era, which for me being LRS was pretty cool finding common ground on a hunt. 

I've deployed four times. Two times with the Air Force for OEF-OIF as a C130 crew chief as well as two with the Army; one as an Infantryman in 2-38 CAV in the Long Range Surveillance detachment in Afghanistan while serving in the Kandahar Province. The most current however was as a 15T or UH-60 Blackhawk mechanic doing phase maintenance in Kuwait while we were gearing up for Iraq. 

I am very humbled and very thankful for this organization and the opportunity to be a part of something like this. 

Thank you Cover6 outdoors for what you do. I definitely appreciate it. I'd like to also thank you for paying for my mount as well. Amazing group of guys. 

Thank you again.

David L.
U.S. Army now
Prior Air Force


Cover 6 gave me the opportunity to hunt dove and to reconnect and mingle with some of my buddies who are veterans as well as  other veterans. This was an epic experience for me and will be a great memory and story. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to experience the time, generosity and kindness these people give for Veteran community, Thanks Cover 6.


Mike H.

USMC 0311 2001 to 2009

Cuba 2002-2003 External Base Security

OIF II 2004-2005 Mobile React

I’d like to take a quick minute and thank everyone at Cover 6 Outdoors and Rockin’ AK Hog Dogs for the amazing opportunity to go on my very first, and certainly not my last, knife and dog hunt this past weekend.  I was a last minute candidate for the hunt which put a squeeze on finalizing the details on everything that needed to be done and who I needed to link up with.  Due to the professionalism and expertise of both Cover 6 Outdoors and Rockin’ AK Hog Dogs, we were able to make it all happen flawlessly.  Rod, Tyler, and Tim (my guide), all from Cover 6 Outdoors, were very friendly and made sure I was taken care of and knew what to expect.  Phil and his wife Reanna, from Rockin’ AK,  were extremely hospitable and displayed a vast amount of knowledge in the way of hunting hogs with dogs.  Not only was I able to get a couple of hogs, I was also able to bring home some of the meat.  I’ve never had wild hog meat before and I’m definitely looking forward to tasting it.  After three tours to Iraq and one to Afghanistan, I have been having a hard time finding that “rush” again.  This crazy hunt gave me that rush I’ve been missing.  I can’t wait to do this again.  This group of people are truly amazing for doing everything that they can to make sure Veterans feel welcomed and enjoy the hunt.  Thank you everyone again for the opportunity.  Keep up the hard work. 


Patrick Trujillo

SFC (Ret.)

US Army

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